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Industry – Oil and Gas Exploration Services, Petroleum and Natural Gas Production, Petroleum Refining and Gasoline Service Stations.

Business Document Types – Invoices and associated supporting documents (like scanned Field Tickets), Quote Requests, Service Requests, Invoice Requests, and Acknowledgements.

Formats – PIDX (on Customer side) - CSV and Excel (on Supplier side)

Protocols – RNIF (on Customer side) - b2een, HTTPS, AS2 and FTP (on Supplier side)

Business Problem Solved – Manual keying in of Invoices into the Chevron Supplier Portal is time-consuming and inefficient for Suppliers.

About Chevron

Chevron is one of the world's largest integrated energy companies. As an industry leader, Chevron conducts business worldwide, engaged in every aspect of the crude oil and natural gas industry, including exploration and production, manufacturing, marketing and transportation, chemicals manufacturing and sales, geothermal energy, and power generation.


Chevron required Suppliers to either send electronic Invoices (using the PIDX format and RNIF protocol) or to manually enter their Invoices on Chevron's portal. But only a very limited number of Suppliers were able to submit PIDX invoices – a compliance that can be only handled competently by those having the required expertise, capability and systems (B2B gateway, middleware, EAI solution). Therefore, most Suppliers were manually keying in Invoices in Chevron's Supplier Portal. For a Supplier submitting a few dozen or more invoices a month, this potentially meant many man-hours of an error-prone process and Chevron experienced some push-back for the Portal-based process.

Hence, the call was for a solution whereby all Suppliers, regardless of how they were placed in the technology, resources and capabilities continuum, had a faster, more efficient option for submitting invoices electronically.


A Private Community was set up for Chevron, enabled by the Amalto e-Business Cloud, which is accessed by Chevron Suppliers (the Community Members) via b2een® (either installed on-premise or the portal version).

Suppliers can generate their invoices using an Excel or a CSV template and submit them very easily (either locally dropped with related supporting documents - scanned field tickets or other documents in various formats - into a specific folder or attached in an email-like message via the b2een User Interface); upon submission, they are synchronously controlled and transformed by the Amalto e-Business Cloud. Required validation steps and business rules were defined by Chevron, the Community Leader. The validated, converted Invoices, along with associated supporting documents are sent to Chevron systems (in PIDX format, using the RNIF protocol) and Acknowledgments sent back in return.

Not only do Suppliers now have an easy, secure and cost-effective way of e-invoicing but on-boarding is as quick as — download of the b2een client software, set-up of few parameters, subscription to the Chevron Community and they are on their way!

Additionally, new business documents have been set up , Quote Requests, Service Requests and Invoice Requests , and new user groups like Chevron Internal Users and Majors Capital Projects have discovered and are benefiting from the ease with which b2een and the Community allows to create electronic business document in Chevron Internal systems (Ariba Buyer, SAP and JDEdwards). Earlier, those documents could be generated only though internal system screens – they now can be pulled together much faster via b2een and the Chevron Community.


Today, based on reports from Chevron, more than 20% of electronic invoices submitted by Suppliers goes though the Chevron Private Community powered by the Amalto e-Business Cloud.

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